Posted by: Paul | 09/03/2009

The Fight Against “Modernism”

Sept. 3 marks the feast day of St. Pius X, who reigned as pope from 1903 to 1914. A traditionalist like me finds it hard not to love a pope famous for his fight against the Catholic heresy known as “Modernism.”

That may sound like he simply disliked current fashions. But Modernism, properly understood, is far more than that. From a spiritual point of view, in fact, it is extraordinarily dangerous. As Pius X defined it, Modernism is “the synthesis of all heresies,” which “destroys the notion of religion and already contains atheism, to which it leads.” Small wonder that he promulgated an “Oath Against Modernism” in 1910 and required all Catholic clergy and professors to take it.

Here is one particularly good quote from Pius X, delivered on the Beatification of St. Joan of Arc, Dec. 13, 1908. It’s quite fitting in our post-Vatican II age:

“In our time more than ever before, the chief strength of the wicked, lies in the cowardice and weakness of good men … All the strength of Satan’s reign is due to the easy-going weakness of Catholics. Oh! if I might ask the Divine Redeemer, as the prophet Zachary did in spirit: What are those wounds in the midst of Thy hands? The answer would not be doubtful: With these was I wounded in the house of them that loved Me. I was wounded by My friends, who did nothing to defend Me, and who, on every occasion, made themselves the accomplices of My adversaries. And this reproach can be levelled at the weak and timid Catholics of all countries.”

St. Pius X, pray for us.


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