Posted by: Paul | 09/05/2009

Me? A Bad Sport?

I’ll admit it. Many of my fellow Orioles fans are better sports than I am.

In one respect, at least: They’re willing to cheer the team that represents the American League in the World Series — even if it’s not the O’s. Me? Can’t bring myself to do it. And I don’t know how the other fans can, either.

In theory, sure, there’s a certain logic to their approach. If it can’t be the Orioles, they reason, it should be somebody else in the same league. But logic is based on rational thought, isn’t it? And let’s face it — there’s nothing rational about the way we feel about our teams.

Indeed, it’s often pure emotion. We cheer the calls that go our way and jeer the ones that doesn’t. Why? Because it’s our team. Simple as that. As as strong as that: Sometimes, the more abuse our team takes, the more determined we become to defend the players. And, by extension, the more we hate — not dislike, hate — the teams that keep giving those players a hard time.

That’s where the Yankees and the Red Sox come in.  If you spent an entire season (and often more ) rooting for the Orioles, you’d despise New York and Boston. So how, exactly, am I supposed to just turn that off when October rolls around? I’ve been rooting against these guys for months! Now I’m supposed to cheer them when they take on a National League team I hardly know?

To some, that makes me a bad sport. Bad call! I’m just a particularly loyal O’s fan.


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