Posted by: Paul | 09/10/2009

Give Tax Relief a Chance

It isn’t every day that a conservative like myself can turn to John Lennon for support. My great admiration for him as a musician rarely extends to what he had to say about politics.

But then there’s the topic of taxes. It has a way of making even the most liberal of liberals say “gimme shelter,” and not because they’re doing a tribute to the Rolling Stones.

I happened across this quote while perusing the Beatles’ “Anthology” book. Here’s Lennon in 1968, commenting on George Harrison’s “Taxman”:

“‘Taxman’ is an anti-Establishment tax song, where we said, ‘If you walk the street, they’ll tax your feet.’ George wrote it and I helped him with it. At the time, we weren’t aware of the whole tax scene. I’m still not really aware of what goes on with taxes. We believe that if you earn it, you may as well keep it, unless there’s a communal or Communist or real Christian society. But while we’re living in this, I protest against paying the Government what I have to pay them.”

To be sure, he hedges his criticism a bit with the “communal” clause. But this doesn’t really undercut his criticism, which remains valid. It’s a little like saying, “If men were angels, we wouldn’t need laws. But they aren’t, so we do.” In any event, good point, John. I can almost hear you singing now: “Imagine no big taxes …”


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