Posted by: Paul | 09/21/2009

Time: Made, Not Found

A friend of mine has been hitting the exercise circuit lately. I tend to use the gym, but she’s more one for vigorous bike rides and “power walks.” Hey, each to his own. I think it’s great.
But I noticed an interesting comment from a friend of hers on Facebook. In praising my friend’s progress, this individual wrote: “I am so envious of your time to exercise.”
Two quick observations. One: the writer probably didn’t intend for it to sound this way, but that sentence is a bit of a slap. The implication is: “Wow, isn’t it great that you have all this free time! I, on the other hand, am pretty busy. Therefore, I can’t devote myself to self-improvement the way that you, with all that free time, can. Oh, well. Keep up the good work!” Oh, gee — thanks.
Second, the other implication is that you can’t exercise unless you’ve got time to spare. Deep down, though, we all know better. The fact is, we make time for the things we really want to do. I know that’s what my friend has done. Sure, some people have more flexible schedules, and we all work within certain limitations. But it honestly doesn’t take a lot of time to work out. You can make vast improvements with, say, three 30-minute workouts a week. And if you have a genuine desire to slim down and get healthier, you’ll do it.
I’m not saying it’s easy. It took me a long time before I even worked up the nerve to go to the gym, let alone make a regular routine out of it. Some 25 pounds later, I’m glad I did.
So don’t fall for the “I don’t have time” trap. You do. You just do other things with it. The question is, are they more valuable than the healthier body you’re forgoing?


  1. Thank YOU once again, for being the added inspiration I need!!

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