Posted by: Paul | 10/08/2009

A Cross Worth Bearing

Without glancing ahead, can you guess who the speaker is?

Secularists are wrong when they ask believers to leave their religion at the door before entering into the public square. Frederick Douglass, Abraham Lincoln, William Jennings Bryant, Dorothy Day, Martin Luther King — indeed, the majority of great reformers in American history — were not only motivated by faith, but repeatedly used religious language to argue for their cause. So to say that men and women should not inject their “personal morality” into public policy debates is a practical absurdity. Our law is by definition a codification of morality, much of it grounded in the Judeo-Christian tradition.

Some right-winger, you say? A conservative yahoo trying to push religion down our throats? Hardly. That quote comes from a speech delivered in 2006 to the Sojourners “Call to Renewal” conference, and the speaker was none other than Barack Obama.

The president’s right. Indeed, he gives us something to think about as we witness the sorry attempt to pull down the Mojave Cross, erected 75 years ago to honor the valiant U.S. soldiers who died in World War I. It’s at the center of a case argued this week before the Supreme Court.

Let’s leave the cross where it is — and stop pretending that the First Amendment was designed to expunge any trace of religion from the public square.



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