Posted by: Paul | 11/19/2009

A Joint Comparison

The difference between caffeine and marijuana? James Lileks has an amusing take:

“I know this guy who’s absolutely brilliant – one of those free-ranging intellects that can fasten on the particulars of a scientific discipline for a career and engage in wide-ranging conceptual debate for the joy of the argument. On coffee, it was like arguing with a supercomputer with buzzsaw arms and laser-beam for eyes; on the spleef, he walked into every logical trap like a sleepwalker in a rake store. And he was smart enough under the influence to know he’d been smoked on account of the smoke, too. That’s the thing with weed: you’re so boring. The ones who get out in time are the ones who get tired of boring themselves.”

Love that “sleepwalker in a rake store” line.


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