Posted by: Paul | 03/03/2015

A Falling “House of Cards”

There are many “House of Cards” fans out there. But are they, like me, a bit conflicted about who we’re supposed to root for? Last Friday, when Season 3 hit Netflix, I wrote about my misgivings in a short blog post for the Daily Signal called “What Our Cheering for Frank Underwood Says About Us.” If you’ve watched through the end of Season 2 (there are some spoilers), you may well enjoy it.


I’m now four episodes into Season 3 (stop here if you’re trying to avoid still more spoilers), and I can tell you that it just became a lot easier to root against Frank.

I felt the shift as loyal Underwood staffer Doug Stamper — the closest thing to a good guy this series has, and yes, I realize what a relative statement that is — offered his services to Heather Dunbar. For the first time, I felt ready to get behind an attack on Frank.

But the next scene really cemented it. Frank talks to the priest who presided over a military funeral he attended, and almost seems to be searching in a spiritually genuine way. Then he asks for a few minutes to pray privately. He gets right up to the crucified image of our Lord, tells Him that if “love” is what He’s “selling,” then he (Frank) is not “buying.”

He then proceeds to spit in the statue’s face … and knock it down, where it shatters on the floor. When the clatter brings others, he pretends it was an accident. As he walks away, he crows (to us) that he’s got God’s ear … whereupon he holds up the broken ear from the statue.

Oh, He’s listening, Frank. Too bad you aren’t.


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